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The Jav视频 ARTIS; Artisan Intelligence for Batch Systems is a cost-effective, cloud-based historian that remotely monitors and collects secure data from food and beverage operations. The system allows you to remotely gather data from your operations to aid with reducing downtime, thus improving production efficiency and remote record keeping.

Jav视频 knows the cost to your company when production equipment is unavailable, or the huge advantage you get from increasing your production by 15% through the efficient use of its capabilities. The ARTIS leverages the latest secure IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to help you maximize your production and efficiency through customizable reports on our secure dashboard, allowing you to stay close, even at a distance. The data provided by the simple-to-use, cost-effective ARTIS is fully managed and easy to export using our confidential data protection practices. It integrates with any PLC/HMI and is backed up even if a connection is lost.


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Reduce Labor Costs with

  • Secure remote recipe management
  • Digital process confirmation

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Lower your cost with Jav视频 Cookers

Potential savings and return on investment are now available for the entire Jav视频 product line. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our products and innovative solutions to the food industry designed to maximize food production. Our success is deeply rooted in our ability to innovate, offering sharp entrepreneurial business acumen, quality workmanship, and project execution.

ARTIS Subscription Service

Jav视频鈥檚 Cloud system delivers digital transformation at a fraction of the cost of custom-built systems. Benefits include lower capital cost and improved quality of information. Our monthly Cloud subscription service includes:

  • Automatic Batch reporting
  • Recipe revision control and management
  • Enhanced remote troubleshooting
  • Process Optimization insights
  • Quality and Compliance documentation



Jav视频鈥檚 classic 础耻迟辞颁丑别蹿鈩 program is a tried and true platform for controlling cooking, blending, and marinating equipment. With installations on six continents, this workhorse system delivers consistent control in both manual and automatic recipe control. Configurable, but secured with multi-layered password protection, this system provides repeatable control for your cooking, blending, or marinating operation.


AutoChef 2.0鈩

The AutoChef 2.0鈩 brings the best of modern automation to our standard equipment. Our program integrates the best of modular design and is designed with operator use in mind. The system operates with a widescreen HMI panel, provides repeatable recipe based control and seamlessly integrates into our ARTIS platform to provide actionable, real-time data and batch reports. Whether you need to integrate your system in to a central MES controller or interface with upstream and downstream material handling equipment, or just be able to reconfigure your recipes from your office and not the plant floor, the AutoChef 2.0鈩 has you covered.

AutoChef 2.0鈩 offers:

  • Local and remote recipe modification
  • Simple, easy to use Equipment Modules
  • Intuitive interface
  • ARTIS compatible

AutoChef S88鈩

If you have a complex operation, have hundreds (or thousands) of recipes, or need to keep operator labor to an absolute minimum, the AutoChef S88鈩 may be the solution for your plant expansion or upgrade. Built in collaboration with ECS Solutions, the S88 platform incorporates the fundamentals of the ANSI/ISA-88 standards to provide the most functional and robust batch processing technology on the food market today. 聽聽Like our AutoChef 2.0鈩, the system provides a powerful automatic recipe control system and functions with a wide range of display types and styles.

The AutoChef S88鈩听辞蹿蹿别谤蝉:

  • Multiple user interface
  • Centralized reporting and control
  • Advanced multi-recipe control
  • Easy integration of third party or existing equipment
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • ARTIS compatible


Some applications are simple and a simple application requires a simple solution. 聽If you need to control a basic blender or a simple loader, connectivity and integration are not part of your plan and you still want the best equipment on the market, our team is ready to make that happen.


Cryogenics have found their niche in food. It is common to cool high value food products, chill meats for forming or another unique application with liquid nitrogen and CO2. Equipment design and mixing technology are key to performance, but real control requires more. It takes a precision beyond that of other heat exchange methods. Cryogens are effective but costly. They are fast but need additional safety considerations. Jav视频鈥檚 AutoChef systems have focused equipment modules designed with advanced cryogen control in mind. They save you time and money while ensuring worker safety.


For company鈥檚 ready to get rid of that monthly cryogen bill, Jav视频鈥檚 vacuum cooling systems offer energy efficiency and unsurpassed product quality while chilling even thick or solid foods. 聽But most foods require a precision vacuum control to limit foaming, volatile loss or carry over. Understanding this need, we developed an adaptive proprietary vacuum cooling control module that integrates with our full range of AutoChef systems that will help you get the most out of your vacuum cooling system.


The Jav视频 Automation Hub offers panel design and construction services. You can rely on our team to build your UL, c-UL or other design custom control enclosure.


For advanced systems with special considerations such as central or corporate requirements or the need to integrate a new system into an existing platform, Jav视频鈥檚 team of automation engineers are ready to partner with you to scope your unique custom architecture.

Partnering with as well as , Jav视频 can design and develop a custom architecture for your new equipment systems.



The ability to measure, sense, observe and transmit information in real time for process control, quality or compliance has expanded greatly. 聽Jav视频鈥檚 customer focused project development experience (link to the blentech experience) walks you through the decision making with our experienced guidance to help you to decide what and where you instrumentation is needed. Learn more about our Engineering Services.


If you are looking to take safety to the next level contact our team of talented controls engineers to help you to scope what products and programs are right for you. 聽Jav视频鈥檚 team can assist with a process or safety audit and we work with Safety PLCs, develop custom guarding or integrates advanced safety solutions into your new equipment design upon request.


  • Custom Equipment Modules - Jav视频 has a range of custom and specialized equipment modules for operations such as sauteing control, integrated emulsion systems, direct steam injection and many more.
  • Custom Programming - Our team of controls engineers can develop custom interface and custom controls upgrades. Ranging from specialized interfaces to custom security protocols, our programmers are here to assist.
  • Custom Reporting - Transforming data into information is the cornerstone of good plant management. If you need a custom report developed to better guide or direct your operations, contact us today.
  • Custom Integration - Our team of controls and project engineers can integrate your existing or third party equipment. If integrated control is needed for the success of your upcoming project, let us know.

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