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Precision Performance of Grain Hydration


Rice and grains require precision; Jav视频 understands hydration and cooking, separating those needs while automating the combination. Cook rice without efficiency loss and waste water needs. Increase yield with optimal hydration, and product quality with the perfect cook.

After years of experience with rice and grains, Jav视频 rethought how to cook the most consumed starch in the world. HydraTherm was engineered specifically to process not only all Asian style rices but also flavored rices such as pilaf independent of water and temperature needs. In addition, it can process mixed grains with addition such as quinoa and vegetables. The HydraTherm's sanitary design reduces resources used for cleaning as well as material handling. Our sophisticated automation reduces labor and product handling promoting food safety. This technology makes eating rice more sustainable by eliminating starchy wastewater during cooking and yield loss from inefficient design. Feel good about the grains you serve when you cook them on a Jav视频 HydraTherm.

Hybrid Agitators

  • Intermeshing agitator gently convey and prevents particle breakage.
  • Solid ribbon and paddle configuration promotes uniform mixing for even hydration.

Precision Moisture Control System

  • Consistent yield through accurate water dosing.
  • Automatic compensation for inclusions and infusions.
  • Eliminates starchy wastewarter

Safety Features

  • CE grade standards.
  • Interlocked guarding increases employee safety.

Zonal Control

  • Precisely adds steam and water for full absorption cooking.
  • Multizone (isolated) control of steam and water throughout the length of the cooker.


  • Programming for precise process control to obtain consistant, scalable results.
  • Automatically adjusts to cooking parameters.
  • Accurate temperature control achieves a precise +-1 degree F.

Sanitary Steam Infusion Header

  • Proprietary header reduces cleaning time.
  • Gentle but complete gelation of starch increases shelf life.
  • Pneumatic lift to elevate agitators for faster cleaning.
  • Raw material handling equipment for unloading, washing and soaking.
  • Ingredient addition options for recipes that include liquid, powder and solid inclusions.
  • Equilibration conveyor for consistent moisture control.
  • Steam filtration for culinary steam eliminates any impurities.
  • Various cooling options including cryogen, air and water.
  • Oil infusion and ingredient addition systems available.

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