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Add Value to Your Tumbling Process

Cryogenic Tumbler

When it comes to perfecting the marinating process of your product, trust the science. Jav视频 brings our extensive experience and marinating science to the Jav视频 Cryogenic Tumbler. Our tumblers save space by combining the ability to vacuum, massage, and chill in one effective machine. Jav视频 designs our Cryogenic Vacuum Tumblers to pull a deeper vacuum, faster, reducing your processing time. Our patented Wave-Vane technologies mixes cryogen evenly throughout your product for even cooling while avoiding pockets of cryogen. Its unique pressure waves massage product efficiently in a spiral motion for complete end-to-end mixing. A quality tumbler goes beyond the ability to extract protein and increase yield, it also includes efficient use of expensive cryogen. This saves you money every day.

  • Wave-Vane
  • Cryogen Control
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Long Life
  • Complete Discharge
  • Vacuum
  • Vacuum loading with integrated load cells for precision batch control or flow meter control.
  • Cryogen cooling system lowers product temperature effectively with CO2 or liquid nitrogen.
  • Glycol chilling jacket for lower temperature production.
  • Jav视频's cloud technology for batch record keeping.
  • Recipe management for ease of access and batch consistency.
  • Ventilation fans engineered for full vapor extraction.

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