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Jav视频 is an industry leading manufacturer of food processing systems. We began operations in 1986 to provide quality food processing equipment for the meat and poultry industries. The first machines were manufactured in a small, rented factory with 18 full time employees. We have grown over the years and developed a reputation for innovation and creativity.聽 Today, our team brings process and equipment solutions that deliver safe, economical, nutritious and good-tasting foods to the world and our machines now create foods for an estimated 1 in 1000 meals on the planet.

Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California with offices in Indiana, the metal manufacturing is a solar power operated facility. In our products and services, we creatively blend simplicity with technology that encompasses durability, sanitary design, safety and performance into the design and construction of Jav视频 systems. Jav视频 has won countless awards for its patented Automation technology (AutoChef 2 and ARTIS; Artisan Intelligence for Batch Systems) as well as being named Best Places to Work three times by the North Bay Business Journal.

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