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Versatile Wok for authentic Stir-Fry


Authentic chef like stir-frying with precise temperature control comes to reality with the Jav视频 VersaWok. Engineered to stir fry a variety of products ranging from meats, poultry, nuts, vegetables and prepared foods with complex ingredient recipes all without burn-on while reducing clean times. You can develop consistent flavor and color with tight control over your temperature. Whether you choose thermal oil or high pressure steam, VersaWok is designed to maintain high heat transfer rates for achieving mallard and caramelization reactions for your products. Jav视频 VersaWok is designed to achieve more than 50% longer life through decades of continuous improvement and engineering optimization. This makes Versa Wok one of the most efficient, reliable and versatile wok for your processing needs.

Auto Leveling Agitator

  • Smart leveling agitator spreads product evenly for consistent cooking.
  • Maximum product contact decreases


  • CE grade standards.
  • Interlocked guarding increases employee safety.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Programming for precise process control to obtain consistent, scalable results.


  • Long life ensured by proprietary high temperature polymer blend.
  • Prevent burn on to allow for minimal cleaning time.
  • Improves heat transfer efficiency up to 40%.


  • Rapidly reach high cooking temperatures, up to 600F (300C).
  • Even temperature across flow channels ensures even browning.

Thermal Cycling

  • Reduce or eliminate weld failure with thermal expansion聽management system.
  • All components designed to handle high thermal stresses.

Common Upgrades

  • Thermal oil heating and cooling skid, to manage cooling聽rates reducing thermal stress and minimizing burn on.
  • Load cells for precise control over product moisture聽loss and yields.
  • Surface finish reduces burn on and clean time.
  • Recipe management for ease of access and聽batch consistency.
  • Vacuum stir-frying options for accelerated moisture聽removal and improved product texture.
  • Onboard CIP package reduces cleaning time.
  • Ingredient addition systems for recipes that include
  • liquid, powder and solid inclusions.
  • Oil metering system for accurate dosing of cooking oil.

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